What is a Leadership Camp

Leadership camp is a program created for high school student council administrators throughout Indonesia. The purpose of the formation of this event is to further explore their leadership potential as well as improve soft skills and motivation to participate in making changes in a more positive direction.

Of course, in becoming a leader, a good authority and system is needed to provide good input. Therefore, the purpose of establishing the Leadership Camp itself is as education that can be taken in making decisions to become a great leader.

Not only for school, surely after your adulthood, you hope to become a great leader right? Of course, it is a dream for many people who grow and develop. To become a person who has a leadership spirit, it must be developed. It takes determination and hard training to become a great person.

It is incomplete when a leader has never faced such a storm or an enemy’s blow. Therefore, to become a great leader, the leadership camp is one of the right choices in training your child to become someone who will be useful in the field of leadership in the future.

What is a Leadership Camp

Personal Forms of Leaders with Leadership Camps

A leader is a person who has certain characters and traits. Character is a very important thing in shaping character or style to lead. A long-term process that can result in either success or victory.

In Sean Covey’s book 7 habits, two victories are stated, namely winning over oneself and winning over others. Getting a sense of self-satisfaction means having the ability to lead yourself. This ability to lead yourself then needs to be developed so that it has an influence in the organization.

The question is how to get it ?. Covey says that “winning” can be achieved through habit. While habits are a slice of knowledge, skills, and the desire of a person to do something.

So, in building habits, it can be obtained from the learning process that is supported by a conditioned situation, after which it is experienced directly as a personal or group experience. The experience that a person experiences will make him aware of the condition. To become a leader who is in faith, of course, the desire to absorb an important experience as learning.

Leadership Camp Learning Program

In the learning process that will make them ready to become middle manager level leaders. Based on the point of view of individual learning, there are two types of learning processes: 1. Traditional, in the form of one-way learning in the classroom, 2. Non-traditional, in the form of learning.

In a two-way learning system that is carried out not only in the classroom but involves the environment, the community is included in the Leadership Camp. In connection with the experiential learning type, it implements the learning process in Basic Leadership courses through Leadership Camp activities.

This activity was created for personal or group activities that interact with nature in the form of games. In personal activities, there is a game of the snake and ladder of life, where each participant is given the freedom to decide something and in taking steps, to be responsible for the personal decisions he makes.

In this session, each participant is given the freedom to decide something and to move forward, to be responsible for the personal decisions he makes. Meanwhile, group activities are carried out by organizing dynamics that hone group cooperation, willingness to sacrifice, and a common vision in achieving common goals. The goal is that students experience firsthand events and incidents as their own personal experiences.

Lessons Learned in the Leadership Camp

When you take a leadership camp class, of course, you will get a lot of new experiences that have never been encountered. In addition to increasing knowledge about leadership, a child can feel fun like on vacation while doing learning activities. Of course, it is very interesting and is something that cannot be forgotten. The activities that can be accepted at the Leadership Camp are:

  • Interactive Talkshow
    In this Interactive Talkshow session, participants will meet with capable speakers so that they can inspire and motivate them to be able to turn a simple idea into a more concrete step and bring positive changes needed by the community.
  • Parliament Institution Visit
    Opportunities for participants to learn firsthand about how the process and dynamics of making a bill become a law. Through this visit to the DPR, participants can also hold audiences with members of the Republic of Indonesia’s House of Representatives Commission X who oversees the fields of Education, Youth, Sports, Tourism, Arts, and Culture.
  • Leadership Training
    In this leadership training session, participants will be invited to build their leadership skills with special topics such as time management, conflict resolution, and negotiation.
  • OutBound
    This activity is intended for the participants to become more acquainted with and interact with each other through various exciting and fun games.